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We talk to Roger Marshall


Formula One TT: Klaus Klein and Andy McGladdery lead the field away

14:40Pit garage action

The riders are in for refueling

18:50Checkered flag

Joey Dunlop wins by over 5 minutes


Joey Dunlop post-race interview

20:50Special event

The Red Arrows are out in full form


On Mad Sunday the fans go out on the track

25:16Race action

Formula 2: The race is underway

27:38Race finish

Tony Rutter wins - Race results

28:02Race action

Sidecar race A: The race is on

29:30Race finish

Dave Hallam and John Gibbard win the first sidecar race

29:49Special event

Its the yearly wet t-shirt competition

30:40Special event

Arena Trials - Stunt bikes


Junior TT race: Brian Reid leads the charge

34:06Checkered flag

Joey Dunlop takes a lucky win - race results


Sidecar Race B: The riders get away at 5 second intervals

36:18Checkered flag

Mick Boddice and Chas Birks win - race results


Production races start

41:36Checkered flag

Geoff Johnson wins 1500cc class race - Race results for all production races

42:11Special event

TT Past Masters


Senior TT: Joey Dunlop is away

50:01Race action

We pay tribute to Rob Vine who tragically lost his life

50:14Pit garage action

Riders are in for refuelling

55:02Checkered flag

Joey Dunlop wins


Post-race interviews with Joey Dunlop - race results

Isle Of Man TT - 1985

Added on Apr 23, 2018

Duke Classics - Isle of Man TT


From nearly 50 different vantage points, this programme includes comprehensive and action-packed coverage brought to you by Videovision and Duke. The races featured are: Formula One, Formula 2, Senior, Sidecar, Junior and the Production.


ChannelDuke Classic Videos
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Episode titleIsle Of Man TT - 1985
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Date addedApril 23, 2018
Original dateApril 23, 1985
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