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Crash! 4


Duke Classics - Havoc


The follow-up to Crash, Crash 2 and Crash 3 - aptly and wittily titled ‘CRASH 4’. Needless to say, as times have moved on so have the Finns progressed in their efforts to surpass the accidents in the previous videos. Here we see them standing a car on end, spinning off into rivers, hitting trees half way up and rolling, then continuing all within seven seconds! Of course, as with all our videos, injuries are more to the pocket than the person and although we've added a bit of commentary and music essentially the format is the same as before.

Channel:Duke Classic Videos
About this program:Duke Classics - Havoc
Episode title:Crash! 4
Season:Crash Kings
Episode number:4
Run time:53:43
Category:Racing coverage
Production:APO MULTICAM s.r.o.

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