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Colley Non-stop

Added on Jun 7, 2019

Duke Classics - Bike Trials


Steve Colley is one of the world’s leading trials riders and an excellent teacher, and this awe-inspiring programme shows just what it takes to reach the top of such a gruelling and demanding profession. Follow Steve as he trains at Jordi Tarres training ground in Spain, then competes in Round 8 of the 2000 Indoor Trials Championship with - for the first time ever - an on-board camera filming Steve in actual competition. Steve then demonstrates, exclusively for this video, the techniques, strength, concentration and balance required at international level. As well as the serious business of competition and preparation, we catch Steve as he relaxes out of the spotlight and has fun with a capital ‘F’! If you’re a fan of the rock-hopping, balancing world of motorcycle trials, this action-packed, informative and fun video is crammed full of insights, demos and awe-inspiring talent.


Episode titleColley Non-stop
Episode number2
Date addedJune 7, 2019
Original dateNovember 24, 2010
Run time1:02:40
CategoryRacing coverage

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