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A-Z Post War

Added on Aug 27, 2018

Duke Classics - Bike Manufacturers


Right through the 1950s and into the mid-1960s, British motorcycles still sold more than the products of any other nation and it was this era that produced the ultimate versions of such British classics as the BSA Gold Star, Triumph Bonneville, Vincent Black Shadow, Ariel Square Four and Velocette Venom.

This film chronicles the machines which continued the rise, those which accompanied the fall and then closes with the latest bikes from the reborn Triumph brand... the lone survivor from the glory years.

This is an invaluable reference tool for anyone interested in the history of the motorcycle.


ChannelDuke Classic Videos
ProgramDuke Classics - Bike Manufacturers
SeasonBike Manufacturers
Episode titleA-Z Post War
Episode number13
Date addedAugust 27, 2018
Original dateOctober 23, 2009
Run time2:53:43

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