Why Elon is Wrong About Hydrogen Fuel

Added on Jun 2, 2021

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A few weeks ago Wheelhouse made an episode about how Hydrogen cars were supposed to be the future of automobiles. And in that episode Nolan made a pretty good economic argument for why they failed. An argument that everyone’s favorite billionaire, Elon Musket, might agree with. But like all things car related, I get curious about the engineering side of things. Outside of politics, why couldn’t the car of the future be hydrogen powered? Well today on B2B we’re gonna take a look at hydrogen-fueled tech, and explain why Elon Musk might just be wrong about hydrogen cars.


Episode titleWhy Elon is Wrong About Hydrogen Fuel
Episode number1
Date addedJune 2, 2021
Original dateJune 1, 2021
Run time12:56

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