Why a 2000HP Altima Needed to be Made

Added on Mar 31, 2021

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Let's say you want to build a car to go compete. You can't just build the craziest thing you can manage. You’ve got to follow these things called “rules”. But what happens when a professional race team ditches that rulebook and makes the most insane, most powerful, drift car ever to lay down some rubber? Our buddy and pro drifter Chris Forsberg built a drift car so sick, it’s not even allowed in Formula D! And today we not only get to show you this car for the first time, but how this car came to be and why breaking the rules was necessary for its creation.


Episode titleWhy a 2000HP Altima Needed to be Made
Episode number1
Date addedMarch 31, 2021
Original dateMarch 30, 2021
Run time10:25
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