VW Just Killed Formula 1

Added on Jul 7, 2020

Wheel House


As Formula 1 teams like Mercedes-AMG Petronas, Ferrari and Red Bull gear up for pre-season testing, a spectre looms in the realm of motorsports; and it’s name is Volkswagen. Hidden inside mundane press release, VW may have sealed the fate of the F1 world as we know it. How will teams like Mclaren, Renault and Alfa Romeo react? Is Formula One doomed? Will we be left with only small teams like Haas and AlphaTauri? Join Nolan as he finds out!


Episode titleVW Just Killed Formula 1
Episode number7
Date addedJuly 7, 2020
Original dateFebruary 17, 2020
Run time11:03
CategoryFeature magazine

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