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Added on Jun 4, 2021

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Honda Motor Co. made its name selling obsessively-engineered economy cars, but that’s only part of the story. Honda dreamed of racing victory. Then they made it happen. And then they brought what they’d learned to their road cars under an iconic red “R”. Join James Pumphrey as he meets the dreamers behind the NSX-R, the Civic Type R, and the Integra that changed the world’s perception of front-wheel-drive forever. This is the hidden history of Japan’s most influential badge, Honda Type R!

Huge thanks to Carl Pulley and all the fine folks at Acura, American Honda, Honda UK, and Honda Japan, we literally couldn’t have done this without you.


Episode titleType R - How Honda Got Fast | Up to Speed
Episode number1
Date addedJune 4, 2021
Original dateJune 3, 2021
Run time28:43

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