The W12 Engine - The Science EXPLAINED

Added on Jul 9, 2020

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When you think of Volkswagen you probably think of Jettas, or Golfs, maybe even the punch buggy. What you DON'T think of is HUGE POWER or extreme luxury. I mean, their name literally translates to “people’s car”. So why and how then did they create one of the most bonkers, highly sophisticated, amazing sounding “luxury” engines of all time? Today we’re diving into the incredible engineering of one of the coolest, most bizarre engines ever made - the W12. And we also find out exactly how the famous VW VR6 is involved in all of this!


Episode titleThe W12 Engine - The Science EXPLAINED
Episode number19
Date addedJuly 9, 2020
Original dateMay 12, 2020
Run time12:17
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