The Incredible TECH Behind the World’s FASTEST Dodge Demon

Added on Jul 9, 2020

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The Dodge Challenger comes in about a million specs, you have the RT, SRT Hellcat, an AWD version and of course the Skat Pack. But above all Dodge Challengers is the Demon, the 840 HP road legal wheelie poppin’ Challenger! But for the guys and gals at SpeedKore this was not enough. They stripped the Dodge Challenger Demon of it’s very heavy body panels and created space grade fully custom carbon fiber panels to help the Demon become more nimble. And they also did what no one would even consider doing … they ditched the infamous Dodge Supercharger! After the SpeedKore mods the Demon became the Dodge Lucifer and today we're taking a look at the incredible technology that made it possible!


Episode titleThe Incredible TECH Behind the World’s FASTEST Dodge Demon
Episode number14
Date addedJuly 9, 2020
Original dateApril 7, 2020
Run time17:11
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