McLaren F1 - The Science EXPLAINED

Added on Jul 10, 2020

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The McLaren F1 is considered by most to be the first hypercar ever. When McLaren and its lead designer, Gordon Murray, released it back in 1992 it shocked the automotive world with it unique design and race inspired functionality. The McLaren F1 was full of firsts, it used carbon fiber, space grade metals, it had a Formula One derived engine by BMW, and it had three seats! Three seats in a hypercar! And those are only a few of the incredible engineering features in the McLaren F1. Today we are going B2B on the car that managed to hold on to the title of fastest car in the world for TWELVE straight years, the McLaren F1.


Episode titleMcLaren F1 - The Science EXPLAINED
Episode number27
Date addedJuly 10, 2020
Original dateJuly 7, 2020
Run time17:52
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