Jeep Wrangler - The Science Explained

Added on Jul 22, 2020

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The Jeep Wrangler is synonyms with the offroad. Since 1987, the Wrangler has been a staple for those backwoods, trail happy, off roaders and for good reason. The foundation of the wrangler is built on the CJ, the vehicle built by America to deliver some whoopins to the Germans in WWII. And out of the 4 generations of Wranglers, we’re going to focus on the PEAK wrangler, and that’s the TJ. Today we are going to break what makes the TJ so good, starting with it’s Quadra Coil 4-link suspension setup and then we’ll look at the beefy boy Dana axles that keep this wrangly boy rippin’ up those dusty trails.


Episode titleJeep Wrangler - The Science Explained
Episode number30
Date addedJuly 22, 2020
Original dateJuly 21, 2020
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