Ferrari’s War on Influencers

Added on Jul 7, 2020

Wheel House


Ferrari, they have a rich history in motorsports and their cars are arguably the most luxurious things with insane performance numbers. Ferrari also needs no introduction, with a line up like the Ferrari F40, the Testarossa and the Ferrari LaFerrari the world is pretty aware of the Ferrari brand and how synonymous it is with everything exotic and Italian. So why is one of the most legendary car makers in the world so harsh to Influencers and doubtful of how the world perceives their brand? Join Nolan as he explores two cases of Ferrari sending cease and desist orders to celebrities doing what they want with their cars. Is it justified? How could it negatively affect the Ferrari brand?


Episode titleFerrari’s War on Influencers
Episode number51
Date addedJuly 7, 2020
Original dateDecember 23, 2019
Run time10:15
CategoryFeature magazine

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