Are Electric Turbos a SCAM?

Added on Apr 14, 2021

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At a topic meeting, someone pitched the idea of electric turbos. But we can't make an episode on those. There isn't any science, they're a classic eBay power-promising scam. Everyone knows that. Mighty Car Mods did a video on them like 10 years ago and proved it. But wait... cleetus made a video and did make power with an electric turbo. And Audi has a car going into production that uses what they call an "e-turbo"? And actually, every car on the F1 grid uses an electrically assisted turbocharger? So, they work? How? And why did this piece of tech go from totally-a-scam to inside every engine in the pinnacle of motorsport? This simple idea is popping up all over the place. But why now?


Episode titleAre Electric Turbos a SCAM?
Episode number1
Date addedApril 14, 2021
Original dateApril 13, 2021
Run time10:36
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