How Formula 1's 2021 Regulations Have Hurt Mercedes

Added on Mar 31, 2021

F1 Technical Analysis


Could Mercedes' W12 be the 2nd strongest car of 2021? Hamilton and Mercedes may have won the 2021 Bahrain GP, but eyes are on Red Bull's RB16B to be the faster car of the 2021 Formula 1 season. But why? The prevailing theory lies with the combination of rake setups and the new 2021 floor regulations hurting Mercedes the most, despite its all-new for Bahrain car. Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at what Mercedes brought to the first race of the year, and how its low rake setup might now be its biggest hindrance.


Episode titleHow Formula 1's 2021 Regulations Have Hurt Mercedes
Episode number649
Date addedMarch 31, 2021
Run time5:16
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