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Friday driver's parade


The drivers who will fight for victory

08:51Technical feature

Nissan Delta-Wing and tomorrow's technology

10:44Technical feature

The development of hybrid prototypes




Oliver Gavin gives his insight to the competition


Franck Mallieux interview (in French)


Nick Heidfeld explains how he got into Le Mans


Henri Pescarolo interview (in French)


Andre Lotterer clinches pole for the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans


Andre Lotterer talks about his pole [osition


A look back at a legend of Le Mans, Matra

33:40Green flag

The formation lap of the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans


The start of the 80th 24 Hours of Le Mans


Alexander Wurz explains the unique challenges of Le Mans

39:20Run off

The small incidents start to accumulate

40:36Run off

Mistakes start to come through the cracks

41:01Pit garage action

The #0 Delta-Wing is wheeled into the garage


Ben Bowlby explains some of the issues facing the Delta-Wing team


Pit stop for the #42 Zytek and a short interview with Martin Brundle

44:12Race action

Corvette Racing and Aston Martin duke it out for the lead in GTE Pro


The #2 Audi is wheeled into the pits, DR Wolfgang Ullrich explains

45:59Pit garage action

Disaster fir Henri Pescarolo's cars

46:57Run off

The #81 Ferrari is in the gravel and has to be towed off

47:30Pit stop

A stop for the #8 Toyota


The #3 Audi has a lapse in judgement and ends up in the tyre wall

49:11Pit garage action

the #3 Audi limps back to the pits to be fixed

49:40Pit stop

The #1 Audi is in


Interview with Nicolas Lapierre (in French)

50:42Race action

Lapierre and Treluyer go to battle for the lead

51:58Heavy crash

A huge crash for Anthony Davidson after clipping the #81 Ferrari sending them flying into the barriers


Anthony Davidson explains his accident

53:17Heavy crash

The scenes after the accident


Anthony Davidson elaborates on his feelings of the crash

55:11Safety car

The aftermath of the accident means the leading Ferrari pits


Andre Lotterer talks us through the feelings of Le Mans driving for a top team

58:10Race action

The battle for the lead was hot following the safety car, the battle claims a casualty however


Kazuki Nakajima explains what happened in the heat of the moment

59:27Off-track action

The #0 attempts to get back on track

01:00:19Pit stop

The last Toyota lies in wait for a long time during a lengthy pit stop

01:01:26Pit stop

Toyota #7 makes an unscheduled pit stop and is wheeled into the garage

01:02:46Pit stop

A stop for the #15 Pescarolo

01:03:28Run off

A massive off causes a yellow flag

01:03:40Off-track action

The #7 stalls at the end of the pit lane and is wheeled into the garage

01:04:38Pit stop

The pits turns into a flurry of activity as many cars make scheduled and unscheduled stops

01:07:04Run off

Big problems for the #74 Corvette as it loses a wheel

01:07:24Pit garage action

The #74 car makes it back to the pits, and problems for the #24 Morgan leading LMP2, the #8 Toyota is back in the garage, this time for good


Tom Kristensen doffs his hat to Toyota

01:11:01Pit garage action

The #58 Ferrari retires

01:11:19Run off

The #3 Audi is off after being clipped by the #70 Corvette

01:12:00Run off

The #17 Pescarolo bounces over the curbs and takes a wild ride

01:13:10Pit garage action

#73 Corvette is into the garage with issues

01:15:26Run off

Fatigue takes its toll as Marcel Fassler spins in the heart of the night


The #48 Oreca ends up in the wall with broken suspension

01:16:08Pit stop

The #22 HPD makes a pit stop

01:16:38Pit stop

A big round of pit stops

01:18:16Race action

The #67 Porsche hunts the #50 Corvette in the battle for top honours in GTE Am

01:20:17Run off

#97 Aston Martin ploughs on at the exit of Indinapolis


Car #61 blazes into the pits

01:21:55Run off

the #74 Corvette spins after being overtaken a bit too closely

01:22:36Pit garage action

The #74 is wheeled into the garage

01:23:00Run off

Car #23 is in the gravel and a car grinds to a halt on the Mulsanne

01:23:31Race action

The Audi civil war hots up as Marcel Fassler and Tom Kristensen do battle

01:24:18Race action

The battle for second in LMP2 gets more intense

01:24:39Pit garage action

The #13 Rebellion has work done to it

01:26:08Run off

Car #40 goes flying over the gravel


The #38 Zytek has a scuff with the wall and is forced to retire

01:27:30Run off

#3 Audi runs into the barriers in the first Mulsanne chicane and the #2 Audi is in the barriers


Allan McNish explains the cause of the accident

01:29:38Pit garage action

The #2 and #3 Audi makes it back to the pits and the crews begin work


Tom Kristensen thanks the mechanics and marshalls

01:31:28Pit garage action

The #2 is ready to rejoin followed soon by the #3

01:32:32Back to racing

Back to racing after the Audi crashes


The leaders of LMP2, GTE Pro and GTE Am

01:35:12Race finish

The Audi R18s run in formation for the final lap


Benoit Treluyer interview (in French)

01:36:54Checkered flag

The checkered flag drops on the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans


The winners of the various categories celebrate their victories


The winners make their way down Victory Road


Dr Wolgang Ullrich praises Toyota's efforts


The winners take their podium

2012 24 Hours of Le Mans

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