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Henri Pescarolo and Sebastien Loeb explain Loeb's involvement


Loeb explains his expectations and adaptabilty


Pescarolo explains how Loeb has to adapt, and how the new is designed


Eric Helary offers his views on Loeb


Daniel Perdrix explains the reason for the new scrutineering rules


The opposition from Audi and others


The LMP2 contenders


Aston Martin's return


Corvette's C6.R challenger


Ferrari's GT contenders


The GT2 field, Porsche versus Panoz


Stephne Ortelli tells us about the different tarmacs


Hugh Chamberlain explains the crash


George Howard-Chappell explains how the new DBR9 is coping


Jan Magnussen explains the difficulties of the rain


Thomas Enge's car takes pole


Emmanuel Collard is happy to be on pole


Tom Kristensen explains that to win you need to be part of a good team


Frank Biela explains his dislike of the newer cars


Hugh de Chaunac explains his love for the Audi R8


How will Audi improve on the R8? Frank Biela and Tom Kristensen's views


Sebastien Loeb presents the Spirit of Le Mans award


The 50th anniversary of the 1955 Le Mans disaster


Aston Martin's return to Le Mans


Aston Martin's biggest rivals, Doug Fehan explains the camaraderie between the teams

31:39Race action

Le Mans Legends racing action

37:43Checkered flag

The checkered flag falls for Johnny Herbert as he wins the Le Mans Legends race

37:53Race action

The final results from the Le Mans Legends race


Johnny Herbert talks us through driving old Le Mans Legends

39:17Starting grid

The starting grid for the 2005 24 Hours of Le Mans

40:01Green flag

Green flag for the formation lap


The start of the 2005 24 Hours of Le Mans

45:24Pit stop

First pit stops for the #7 and #16 Pescarolos, and a stop-and-go penalty for the #59 Aston Martin

46:13Pit stop

Simultaneous stops for the #64 Corvette and the #58 Aston Martin

47:00Race action

Standings after 16 laps

47:55Pit stop

The GT2 leader, #11 Panoz pits, and the #64 Corvette pits with a shredded tyre

48:43Run off

Darren Turner rallies through the chicane


The #78 Panoz is clipped by the #17 Pescarolo

49:41Pit garage action

The #17 Pescarolo is wheeled into the pits

50:10Pit garage action

The #78 Panoz spins and is forced back into the pit garage

50:24Race action

Standings after 33 laps

51:10Pit stop

Another shredded tyre for the #54 Corvette, a limping Pescarolo and a Ferrari is into the barrier

51:51Safety car

Safety car deployed due to oil on track

52:21Back to racing

Problems immediately after the safety car


Emanuele Pirro explains what happened

54:24Heavy crash

The #52 Ferrari spins into the barriers

54:57Pit stop

Sebastien Loeb's first ever stint at Le Mans

55:36Pit stop

Problems for the #58 Aston Martin

55:45Run off

Major damage for the #13 Courage after a blowout

56:42Race action

Standings after 83 laps

57:56Pit stop

A bit of comedy in the pits for the #5 Dome

58:16Pit garage action

#18 Dallara has problems in the garage


Emmanuel Collard explains what needs to be done


The #85 Spyker is ablaze after spinning out due to engine failure

59:53Safety car

Safety car deployed to oil on track

01:00:14Run off

The #34 Courage loses a wheel


Another penalty for the #59


Tom Kristensen explains his disbelief to be leading

01:02:00Race action

standings after 114 laps

01:02:20Pit stop

Problems for the #17 and the leading LMP2 car

01:05:50Race action

Standings after 182 laps

01:06:29Pit stop

The pits turns into a hive of activity

01:07:22Pit stop

Routine stop for the #3 Audi and trouble for the #7

01:07:56Pit stop

The #2 Audi comes in and a Ferarri has issues as the #64 Corvette and #58 Aston Martin comes in

01:08:51Run off

The leading #3 Audi almost gets taken out by the #4 Oreca

01:09:04Run off

The #2 Audi runs off and is beached, subsequently pits

01:10:02Pit garage action

A new nose is prepped for the #2 Audi

01:10:42Pit stop

The #2 Audi heads back out as the #37 heads into the pits

01:11:39Run off

The leader slides off track

01:11:54Pit stop

Routine stops for the #3 and #4 Audis


Jean-Marc Gounon complains about the speed of the Pescarolos

01:12:59Race action

Standings after 261 laps

01:13:41Pit stop

Loeb takes over from Helary

01:15:35Run off

Sebastien Loeb runs off at Indianapolis

01:16:07Run off

Car #7 runs off and into the barriers

01:16:31Pit stop

Emergency stop for car #17

01:18:17Pit garage action

Car #58 mechanics desperately try to fix the Aston Martin

01:19:00Run off

Puncture for the Aston Martin

01:19:15Run off

3 wheels on my Ferarri


The #17 Pescarolo is off


Sebastien Loeb explains the issues with the car

01:21:15Race action

Standings after 307 laps

01:21:43Pit stop

Routine stop for the #3 Audi

01:22:20Run off

Another puncture for Aston MArtin

01:22:59Race action

Standings after 339 laps

01:23:11Run off

A massive spin and a run off

01:23:48Pit garage action

A momentous decision to clean the radiators on the #16

01:24:17Pit stop

Dramatic scenes to combat the heat as Darren Turner is sprayed with water, and things continue to fall apart for Aston Martin

01:26:34Pit stop

Pit stop for the #3 Audi and the #16 Pescarolo heads back out

01:28:59Checkered flag

The checkered flag falls on the 2005 24 Hours of Le Mans


The teams celebrate and commiserate

01:29:46Race action

Final classification after 24 hours


Corvette Racing celebrate, as podium celebrations get underway

2005 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on Sep 6, 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


This race marked the record 7th victory for Tom Kristensen, including his 6th straight win.


Episode title2005 24 Hours of Le Mans
Episode number6
Date addedSeptember 6, 2018
Original dateJune 18, 2005
Run time1:32:05
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24 Hours of Le Mans

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