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00:53Technical feature

Description of the new aerodynamic rules


The Audi stable


Tom Kristensen interview


The Nasamax car


The LMP2 cars


The GTS cars


The GT cars

03:47Starting grid

The lineup


The start of the 72nd 24 Hours of Le Mans

08:27Off-track action

Problems already for a TVR

08:48Race action

Race standings after 5 laps

09:19Technical feature

The Nasamax fuel equivalency

09:37Pit stop

First pit stop for the Audi of Jamie Davies

09:52Run off

JJ Letho gets a bit too excited chasing Allan McNish

10:01Race action

Puncture for the 75 Porsche

10:11Pit stop

A round of pit stops for the GTS cars


Ron Fellows slides off at Arnage


Ron fellows explains the crash

11:01Race action

Race standings after 18 laps

11:13Race action

Puncture for the 36 WR

11:43Run off

A spin for Calum Lockie


Oil causes carnage for Audi

12:42Safety car

Yellow flag leads to safety car

12:59Off-track action

Audi being towed away

13:34Race action

Allan McNish attempts to drive the car back to the pits


JJ Letho explains the crash

13:59Pit stop

McNish crabs his way into his pit box

14:17Pit garage action

Audi engineers transport the damaged goods

14:28Off-track action

McNish awaits the ambulance

14:41Back to racing

LMP2 Update

14:53Pit stop

A pit stop for the 88 Audi


Jamie Davies explains his opening stint

15:23Race action

Standings after 33 laps

15:40Race action

Puncture and damage for David Brabham

15:54Run off

Jon Field has a problem

16:11Race action

The crashed number 2 Audi rejoins the fray with Marco Werner at the helm

16:22Pit stop

A quick refuel for a Courage

16:28Run off

The number 20 Lister runs through the gravel

16:41Off-track action

Problems for the diesel Lola


The 87 GT Porsche locks up and heads straight into the barrier


A spin and a light tap for the 78 Porsche

17:31Race action

The number 8 car rejoins after 24 laps in repairs


Issues for Panoz

18:18Pit stop

Colin McRae takes to Le Mans for the first time

18:47Race action

Race standings after 57 laps

21:13Pit stop

Pit stop for the number 8 Pescarolo

21:43Pit garage action

Problems for the Racing For Holland Dome


A GT Porsche loses control and runs into the barrier

22:29Race action

Standings in LMP2 after 80 laps

24:08Run off

The Morgan comes to a halt due to mechanical issues

24:16Pit stop

Another routine pit stop for the number 8 Audi

24:58Run off

Brake lock up for the number 5 Audi

25:12Pit garage action

A new nose goes on for Emanuele Pirro


Marco Werner explains how the car felt after the crash

25:54Race action

race standings after 94 laps

26:09Pit stop

A pit stop for the Nasamax

26:22Race action

race standings in the GTS class after 97 laps

26:46Pit stop

Pit stop for the number 85 GT Porsche


Another off for Ron Fellows and an LMP car

27:39Safety car

Safety car deployed because of the Ron Fellows crash

27:49Pit garage action

A very angry Paul belmondo explains what happened to his engineers


Paul Belmondo explains what happened

28:32Pit garage action

Corvette engineers frantically try to get the car race worthy again

28:38Run off

Darren Turner has an off and is beached in the gravel


Pit stop for the 64 Corvette and interview with Oliver Gavin

29:36Pit stop

Herbert hands over to Jamie Davies

29:56Race action

Race standings after 132 laps


Letho sets a fastest lap


Jamie Davies serves a stop and go penalty


Jan Magnussen gets wiped out by Jamie Davies


Jan Magnussen gives his view on the crash

31:19Pit garage action

The Corvette engineers once again try to salvage another crashed Corvette

31:25Race action

GTS standings after 145 laps


A fiery Zytek comes into the pits after an engine blow

32:02Safety car

Safety car deployed


The 61 Ferrari's brakes ablaze

32:30Pit garage action

The 65 Ferrari back into the garage

32:43Pit stop

Quick pit stop for the 72 Porsche

32:50Race action

Race standings after 203 laps

33:34Pit garage action

The Nasamax crew try to fix a misfire problem

33:43Pit garage action

More problems for the 16 Dome

33:51Pit stop

Herbert in the 88 gets a new tail panel

34:33Pit stop

Pit stop for the 77 GT Porsche


Sebastien Bourdais wipes out Martin Short

35:07Off-track action

Towing Martin Short's car

35:13Run off

Pierre Kaffer is in the barrier

35:21Pit stop

Suspension work for the 88 Audi

35:53Race action

Race standings after 238 laps


Guy Smith explains the issues plaguing the 88 Audi

36:47Heavy crash

Martin Short's suspension collapses careening him into the barrier


Martin Short explains the crash

37:39Run off

The Champion Audi ploughs straight on at Mulsanne

38:03Race action

GT standings after 251 laps

38:14Run off

The Audi Japan Goh car misses the chicane after a massive lock up

38:27Pit garage action

The 18 Pescarolo has some issues on the alternator


Soheil Ayari explains the situation

39:20Race action

GTS standings after 273 laps


The 18 Pescarolo misjudges the braking point and slides over the gravel and into the barrier

39:59Off-track action

The marshall is unhappy and demands that both headlights be working

40:19Race action

Kristensen expresses his displeasure

40:45Race action

LMP2 standings after 293 laps

41:41Run off

Sebastien Bourdais pulls over

42:01Run off

The class leading 66 Ferrari has a locked wheel

42:19Pit garage action

The 66 Ferrari is wheeled into the garage

42:33Run off

Jamie Davies spins out

42:51Pit stop

Pit stop for the number 5 Audi

43:02Pit stop

Pit stop for the number 64 Corvette

43:10Pit stop

The 66 Ferrari is back out, but behind the Corvette


Thomas Enge gives his view


Jan Magnussen, in his GTS Corvette being passed by an Audi for 5th overall

44:20Race action

Race standings after 316 laps

44:35Race action

A racing traffic jam

45:06Pit garage action

Problems for the 85 Porsche


Refueling for the number 5 Audi turns to flames


Allan McNish expresses his diasppointment

46:31Run off

Johnny O'Connell misses the chicane

46:41Pit garage action

The 66 Ferrari gets backed into the pits

46:48Run off

Colin McRae in the 65 Ferrari goes straight on one of the chicanes

47:08Pit stop

Pit stop for the Lola of Field and Binnie

47:16Pit stop

Another pit stop for the number 5 Audi

47:28Pit garage action

The 66 Ferrari is wheeled once again into the garage

47:51Pit garage action

More work being done on the 66 Ferrari


Ralph Firman has an off at the chicane

49:19Pit stop

The 85 GT Porsche leaves the pits, but now relegated to 3rd


The Morgan Team wins the award for hardest working team


Johnny Herbert fights through the backmarkers

50:06Run off

Jonny Herbert pushes a bit too hard at the chicane

50:36Checkered flag

The flag drops at the end of the 72nd running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans

50:50Race finish

The cars all make their way to to the finish line

51:28Race action

Final result for the 2004 24 Hours of Le Mans


Celebrations for the end of Le Mans

2004 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on Sep 6, 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


In true Le Mans style, inspired driving ensured the 24-Hours was anything but dull with breakdowns and crashes adding to the already intense action. And with only 40 seconds separating the first two cars, the entertainment went right to the finish.


Episode title2004 24 Hours of Le Mans
Episode number5
Date addedSeptember 6, 2018
Original dateMay 17, 2018
Run time52:56
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24 Hours of Le Mans

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