Freemium badge2:00

00:48Starting grid

Introduction of cars and teams - race starting grid

03:12Starting grid

The warm up lap begins


Martin Brundle is into the lead - early spinners

05:38Pit garage action

Ukyo Katayama is into the pits

06:20Pit garage action

Thiery Boutsen comes into the pits


Steve Soper spins at the entry of the pits

06:56Pit garage action

Drivers are in and out of pit lane


A spin for one of the Riley and Scott cars

08:55Race action

Bernd Schneider almost rams into the back of another car

09:20Race action

Ray Lintott spins his Porsche 911

09:31Race action

The race leaders struggle through the traffic


Thiery Boutsen is into the lead - Toyota leads

10:23Pit garage action

The leaders are into the pits


Ray Lintott crashes

13:24Pit stop

#31 Riley and Scott comes in to retire


Toyota is back into the lead

14:22Pit garage action

Toyota and BMW comes in


Two Porsches in the GT class collide


Toyota is back into the lead

15:40Pit stop

Nissan and Mercedes is into the pits


Onboard a lap with Christophe Bouchut

22:20Pit stop

BMW #15 comes into the pits

22:53Run off

#66 Porsche runs off track

23:05Pit stop

There is trouble for one of the Toyotas

23:44Heavy crash

Peter Dumbreck flies into the air and into the trees - shock in the Mercedes garage

24:34Safety car

Safety car is out - aerial pictures of Peter Dumbreck's car

25:41Green flag

The race is back under way - race standings

26:26Run off

Perry McCarthy runs off and is into the pits

27:08Pit stop

#25 Lola comes in to retire

27:52Pit garage action

Driver almost runs over a mechanic

28:08Pit garage action

BMW is into the pits and so is Toyota


Martin Brundle hits the wall and subsequently retires

30:55Pit garage action

BMW is in the pits - Peter Dumbreck update


One of the Porsche 911 has a puncture

32:00Race action

Race standings after 8 hours


Yojiro Terada spins at Arnage

32:50Run off

Claudia Hürtgen is into the gravel

34:12Run off

Franz Konrad is off

34:42Heavy crash

The second Toyota involved a major crash

35:03Run off

Alex Caffi spins into the gravel


One of the Monteiro brothers in trouble


Toyota is into the pits as other cars run into troubles - race standings

37:59Green flag

We are back to racing

39:50Race action

One of the Panoz cuts off the BMW

40:03Pit garage action

Michele Alboreto runs into a problem after just leaving the pits

40:41Pit garage action

Audi changes the gearbox and Henri Pescarolo is in the pits


Tyre comes off the Viper of Emmanuel Clérico


#62 Porsche pulls off as Emmanuel Clérico makes his journey on 3 wheels

43:13Race action

Standings after 16 hours

43:31Run off

Joachim Winkelhock spins the BMW


Another Porsche 911 problem as #63 catches fire

44:24Run off

Viper goes off-roading


JJ Letho is into wall

46:19Race action

Standings 4 hours from the end

47:30Run off

Nissan spins and is in the gravel


Ukyo Katayama and Toyota runs into more trouble

50:15Checkered flag

Pierluigi Martini brings the BMW to victory - race standings


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1999 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on Sep 6, 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


This event became famous for the incidents involving the team of Mercedes-Benz CLRs during qualifying and the race itself. Tune in to relive the Mercedes "flip"..


Episode title1999 24 Hours of Le Mans
Episode number10
Date addedSeptember 6, 2018
Original dateJune 12, 2018
Run time52:32
CategoryRacing coverage

24 Hours of Le Mans

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