Freemium badge2:00

00:58Starting grid

A look at the contenders, both car and driver.

02:56Green flag

Green flag for the warm-up lap


The start of the of 66th 24 Hours of Le Mans

06:13Pit stop

A big round of pit stops for the front runners


The #12 BMW clashes with the #24 Courage


A battle for the outright lead of Le Mans

08:26Race action

Standings after 1 hour

08:32Pit garage action

Problems for the BMW suspension

08:56Run off

A CLK-GTR has major issues

09:46Race action

#70 Porsche limps home with 3 wheels

11:02Pit stop

Another round of pit stops for some the big players

12:59Pit stop

Gesticulation and work on one of the Nissans

13:27Pit stop

Pit stops for the #8 Porsche and issues for #36 Mercedes

14:24Run off

A spin for Gianpiero Moretti in the #3 Ferrari

15:31Run off

A spin for the #2 BMW

16:40Race action

Race standings after 3 hours

16:54Pit garage action

The #2 BMW is wheeled into the garage

17:12Pit stop

A round of pit stops for the leaders

18:28Run off

A spin for the #28 Toyota

19:32Race action

A crowd of cars makes their way through the track

20:19Pit stop

Another scheduled pit stop for Porsche and brake problems for the #28 Toyota as the #27 Toyota makes a pit stop

22:40Run off

A Toyota falls victim to mechanical maladies

22:57Pit garage action

The #28 Toyota is wheeled into the pits and is joined soon after by the #27

23:49Pit garage action

A Toyota heads back out

24:08Pit stop

More pit action for Toyota

25:07Pit stop

Another round of pit stops for the leaders

26:18Race action

Race standings after 5 hours


The #28 Toyota spins into the barrier on the way into the pits

27:39Pit stop

#28 Toyota manages to get to the pits

28:05Run off

Spin for the Kremer Porsche

30:29Run off

A big off for a Panoz

30:46Run off

Marshalls trying to catch up to the dying #7 Porsche


Performance of the brake discs

32:03Run off

The #25 Porsche spins

33:15Race action

Race standings after 8 hours

33:59Pit garage action

The #29 Toyota heads into the garage

34:36Pit garage action

The #29 Toyota comes back out of the garage

35:15Race action

Race standings after 10 hours

35:33Pit garage action

Porsche and Ferrari hit trouble

36:32Run off

A dramatic spin for the #41 McLaren GTR

36:42Pit garage action

The leading car comes into the garage

37:37Race action

Race standings after 17 hours


A scuffle between a Porsche and a Nissan

38:22Run off

The #16 Porsche pirouetting into the gravel

40:32Pit stop

Pit stop for the #26 Porsche

41:04Race action

Race standings after 20 hours

42:16Race action

Big tyre problems for the #29 Toyota and eventual reitrement

44:32Pit garage action

Dejection in the Toyota stable


A Nissan civil war


A Porsche erupts into flames

48:57Race finish

The marshalls celebrate

49:18Checkered flag

The checkered flag drops on the 66th 24 Hours of Le Mans

49:51Race action

Final Classification


The Nissans bask in their finish


The podium for the winners

1998 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on Sep 6, 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


1998 saw a significant increase in manufacturer involvement. Porsche and Mercedes-Benz remained, with upgraded cars in both GT1 and LMP. Toyota sent three of their new, extremely fast GT-One racing cars.


Episode title1998 24 Hours of Le Mans
Episode number9
Date addedSeptember 6, 2018
Original dateJune 6, 1998
Run time52:22
CategoryRacing coverage

24 Hours of Le Mans

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