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01:07Starting grid

The drivers


Henri Pescarolo is given an award for 30 Le Mans starts, among other awards

02:56Starting grid

More of the drivers from the 1996 Le Mans

04:23Starting grid

The starting grid for the 1996 24 Hours of Le Mans


The start of the 1996 25 Hours of Le Mans

07:50Run off

The #18 Ferrari 333SP runs off

08:16Pit stop

The #18 Ferrari manages to get back to the pits

08:24Race action

Great battles on track, as the prototypes begin to mount the charge

10:00Run off

One of the Oreca Vipers spins off at the first Mulsanne chicane

10:23Race action

Standings after 59 minutes

10:30Pit stop

Pit stop for the #3 Courage and a GT car is in the garage

11:31Pit stop

A stop for the #8 TWR Porsche

11:41Run off

A big spin for the #56 Ferrari F40

11:58Run off

Puncture for the #49 Viper

12:21Pit stop

The #2 Kremer Porsche heads out of the pits

13:00Run off

The #18 Ferrari has run out of fuel, and the #1 Kremer Porsche has a problem

13:46Pit stop

Pit stop for the #45 Ferrari F40

14:02Race action

Jan Lammers almost causes a massive shunt after problems with the electronics

14:54Run off

Another spin for the #56 Ferrari and an off for the #2 Kremer Porsche

15:48Pit stop

Pit stop for the #26 Porsche GT1

16:01Pit stop

The #18 Ferrari is hauled off as the #20 Mazda makes a stop and the #26 Porsche leaves the pits


Small collision between the #25 Porsche and the #3 Courage

17:19Run off

The #14 Peugeot loses a front wheel

17:52Run off

Big spin for the #4 Courage before pit road

18:12Pit stop

A pit stop for the #4 Courage

18:48Heavy crash

The #2 Porsche suffers a massive crash at Indianapolis

20:26Race action

Standings after 4 hours 54 minutes

20:49Pit stop

The #79 Porsche makes a stop

21:31Run off

The #74 Callaway Corvette has a tyre failure

24:51Run off

Blowout for the #75 Honda

25:53Run off

The #56 Ferrari pirouetting once gain

26:32Run off

The #53 McLaren being pushed off

26:55Pit stop

Pit stops for Porsches including the leader and a stop-go penalty for a Lister

27:50Race action

Standings after 7 hours

28:05Pit stop

The #17 Ferrari pits

28:43Pit stop

Pit stop for the #29 McLaren

29:35Pit stop

The #79 Porsche back into the pits

30:05Pit stop

A stop for the #7 and #8 Porsches


The #56 Ferrari is in for a stop and is subsequently set ablaze, then retired

31:43Pit garage action

The #51 Viper is wheeled into the pit garage

32:05Pit stop

Multiple pit stops

33:13Race action

standings after 9 hours 51 minutes

34:16Pit stop

Andretti and Piquet in the pits and a stop for the #25 Porsche and others

35:36Heavy crash

A big crash for the #3 Courage

36:03Pit stop

The #8 Porsche leaves pit road

36:26Run off

A spin for the Ferrari and a collision with the armco puts it out of contetntion

37:39Run off

The #8 Porsche has an off

38:22Race action

Standings after 19 hours 24 minutes


The #4 Courage piles straight on at Indianapolis

40:15Pit stop

Another stop for the #8 Porsche

40:39Pit stop

The work being done on the #4 and a routine pit for the #7 Porsche

41:29Run off

The McLarens clash and the #30 is beached

42:14Pit stop

Jan Lammers rejoins in the #4 Courge

42:35Run off

#8 Porsche grinds to a halt

44:10Run off

A Viper runs very wide

44:53Race action

Standings after 23 hours and 3 minutes

45:22Off-track action

A wheel hurtles down the Mulsanne from the #4 Courage

45:59Race action

The #4 Courage scrapes back to the pits

46:30Pit stop

Porsche double stops their GT1 cars

47:52Race action

Standings after 23 hours 27 minutes

50:10Checkered flag

The flag drops on the #7 winner of the 1996 24 Hours of Le Mans

50:30Checkered flag

The runner ups cross the line

50:48Race action

Final standings after 24 hours


The podium celebrate their success


Victory celebrations

1996 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on Sep 6, 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


The Jones/Reuter/Wurz car never missed a beat, and was never headed on the scoring charts. In the end they won by a lap from the Porsche GT1, yet again Bob Wollek was beaten back to second place.


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24 Hours of Le Mans

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