Freemium badge2:00

02:08Starting grid

The flag falls from the sky to start the raace

02:32Starting grid

The warm up lap begins


Porsche get a great start

06:03Pit garage action

First session of pit stops

09:33Race action

Porsche has trouble with their electrics

10:01Pit garage action

Ford M10 has problems as other cars pit

12:21Pit stop

Essex team comes into problems

15:22Race action

Rain pours over the circuit

18:06Race action

Rain stopped

19:16Pit garage action

We talk about Paul Newman's participation

21:40Race action

Rolf Stommelen limps around the track

22:01Pit stop

Ford runs into trouble

23:04Race finish

Rolf Stommelen stops on track to wait for the end of the race


Cars go through pitlane


Drivers take to the podium

1979 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on Sep 6, 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


1970's Le Mans racing being dominated by Porsche, Jacky Ickx's efforts to win his fifth Le Mans came to nothing when he was disqualified for receiving outside assistance in repairing his stricken Porsche 936.


Episode title1979 24 Hours of Le Mans
Episode number10
Date addedSeptember 6, 2018
Original dateJune 9, 1979
Run time27:50
CategoryRacing coverage

24 Hours of Le Mans

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