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02:55Off-track action

The Royal Family of The Netherlands arrive on site.

04:00Starting grid

Final checks on the starting grid.


The race is underway for 1954. Cunningham lead, but wont be able to hold off Jaguar and Ferrari straight away.

10:39Race action

Moss has had to retire, the rest of the positions generally stay the same, barring the usual few retirements.

19:00Pit garage action

Ferrari pit, for the last time, but seems the car loses time trying to restart. Ferrari emerge with a narrow gap to the flag.

23:18Checkered flag

Ferrari take the victory.

1954 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on Sep 6, 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


An intense battle found a dramatic ending in the 22nd running of the 24h race. Ferrari had just edged out Ferrari to take the win by only 3 minutes; the closest result 1933.


Episode title1954 24 Hours of Le Mans
Episode number3
Date addedSeptember 6, 2018
Original dateJune 13, 1954
Run time26:20
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24 Hours of Le Mans

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