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00:18Starting grid

Race and car introduction, including F1 stars Farina, Fangio and Ascari.


Jean Mason starts the field away. The Jaguars have an advantage with being the first cars to start with disc brakes.

01:40Race action

Moss leads away but does hit trouble, and Hawthorn is disqualified.


The Talbot Lago takes a hit and knocks out André Chambas's car.


Ferrari track Jaguar down through the race

02:55Pit garage action

Fangio is out with engine trouble.

03:22Race action

Jaguar and Ferrari battle through the night

06:12Heavy crash

Tom Cole is sadly killed.

06:59Checkered flag

Tony Rolt and Duncan Hamilton take the victory for Jaguar.

1953 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on Sep 6, 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


During a tough battle with Jaguar, Ferrari couldn’t keep up with the pace and dropped to finish 5th as Jaguar had taken a fabulous 1-2 victory with Tony Rolt, Duncan Hamilton in car 18 and Stirling Moss with Peter Walker in car 17.


Episode title1953 24 Hours of Le Mans
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Date addedSeptember 6, 2018
Original dateJune 14, 1953
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24 Hours of Le Mans

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